13-Design is becoming International

As you can read it, my blog can be translated in many languages since today. I know that pictures can be universal, but some of you guys probably wanted to read the funny things I have to say (however, when it is). So From now you just have to switch this blog to your language, by clicking on the little flags displayed in this right sidebar. Google will translate the text for you all mu foreigners friends (not the band, you dumb :lol: ).

I only hope that the automatic translation will make me say stupid things… I think i will read once a time an article in English, or spanish, as far as my knowleges in foreign languages stpos there. And never, oh no never, type « google translate » in google translate, it could be turning all of us in esperanto speaking people : Sanon!  :shock:

And for whom the translation is sucky, continue tu look at my pictures !

Ps : Pour les français, cet article est là pour informer mes lecteurs internationaux (google analytics me l’a dit) qu’ils peuvent dès à présent traduire ce blog, pour également profiter de mes blagues pourris  ;-)

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